Cycloville Kenya

The Cycloville Annual


The Cycloville Annual is a 118km yearly road race held at Kangundo rd. The race is organized by Club Cycloville Kenya in partnership with Mathare Child Development Center (MCDC). The main aim of this race is to create awareness about child poverty as well as to unite the Kenyan youth in the fight against poverty, to create unity amongst cyclists from all parts of the country and also to promote cycling as a culture, a clean, healthy and inexpensive alternative means of transport and a professional sport.

Through this event we want to pass the message that the bicycle is a form of empowerment. The bicycle ensures increased mobility to people in the society including women and children, it is cheap, clean, easily accessible and highly efficient and it keeps the body and mind healthy. Continuous use of the bicycle by people in our society will positively change our communities, careers will be built, lives will be saved and our environment will be protected, therefore, bicycle can be one of the best tools to fight and eradicate poverty in our country, it is also fun and entertaining.


Our main sponsor for 2013 was the Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia (BEN Namibia) who fully sponsored the winner of the race to the Nedbank Cycle Classic in Namibia on the 23rd of February 2014.


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